Replica Nike Tiempo Football Boots For Men

What is Nike Tiempo Football Boots

Nike Tiempo is a line of sportswear designed by Nike for football players. The collection mainly includes football boots, but also uniforms and shin guards under the same label, a time-honored classic worn by some of the best players in the world. Its leather upper and comfortable fit provide consistency and reliability. In today’s game it has become synonymous with a no-nonsense player who always appears game after game. Most Nike Tiempo sneakers come in different versions, ranging in price from $99 to $240.

The Nike Tiempo Legend Slip-On Shoe is one of the lightest and most comfortable slip-resistant shoes on the market. The Nike Tiempo football boots are known for their comfort. They give you the traction you need to accelerate and stop, even on a muddy football pitch. Available in a variety of colors, suitable for men, women and children.

The Nike Tiempo is a time-honored classic worn by some of the best players in the world. Its leather upper and comfortable fit provide consistency and reliability. In today’s game it has become synonymous with a no-nonsense player who always appears game after game.

What is the Nike Tiempo for?

generalize. All in all, this is a great all-around boot; perfect for players who like to express themselves with a touch of style and style without sacrificing comfort and reliability. The best Nike Tiempo in years, and the best wide-footed football boot on the market.

Are the Nike Tiempo football boots cleats any good?

Excellent boots, but sad day for leather purists. From comfort, clean touch to ultimate lock-in – all the attributes a Tiempo should have, the Tiempo Legend 8 meets those criteria with brilliance. Except it fails in the leather department. That’s not how leather boots should feel.

When did the Nike Tiempo football boots come out?

Since the launch of the Nike Tiempo line in 1994, the boot has evolved over the generations. Combined with the recent launch of the all-new Legend 6, Nike has launched an amazing collection of historical boots that we just had to take a closer look at.

Nike Tiempo Football Boots

Why choose the Nike Tiempo football boots?

What should I pay attention to when buying wide-footed soccer shoes? The best wide-footed football boots are almost always made of soft leather, as this gives your foot room to move and moulds the leather around it. As a general rule, avoid any boot reviews that repeatedly mention things like “speed” and “agility,” as boots are likely to be made from lightweight materials, such as plastic, and have a more streamlined, sturdier shape. For obvious reasons, this isn’t ideal for people with wide feet.

A more flexible sole and cleat plate is also a good sign, so check to see if the boot can flex inward from toe to heel. The flexible cleat plate means the boot is more malleable and may fit different foot shapes.

In modern times, finding the best football boots for wide feet is a daunting task. Fashion trends and technology have made football boots sexier, more streamlined and lighter, but they haven’t made them comfortable for those with wider trotters.

However, Nike’s Tiempo is a very comfortable option for footballers with wide feet. Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker and Thibault Courtois are the three superstars who will wear them for the 2021/22 season – and given that all three are UK11s, it’s no surprise to see them adopt boots that support a certain size foot . Knowing that some pros with wide feet are big fans of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is a good indicator of their fit.

Which football stars have worn the Nike Tiempo football boots?

The Nike Tiempo football boots are known for their comfort. It has been awarded including Ronaldinho, Sergio Ramos, Carlos Puyol, Gerard Pique, Jerome Boateng, Andrea Pirlo, Park Ji Sung , Ido Brecher and players including Carlos Tevez and Julie Ertz.

How fit is the Nike Tiempo football boots?

The Nike Tiempo is actually a little different than you might expect.

It’s still very comfortable out of the box, but since leather isn’t actually something that touches your foot, Quadfit Mesh and Flyknit are, it creates a different feel.

The Flyknit tunnel makes your midfoot (lace area) feel like a sock, while the Quadfit Mesh in the forefoot gives your foot a slightly synthetic feel. Don’t worry though, you’ll still get the leather’s buttery soft touch when the ball is under your feet.

As for taking off the model, there’s not much frills between you and the ball. For example, there is a mesh material behind the kangaroo leather of the Pro model, but it does not feel the same as the Elite model. The kangaroo leather on the Pro model is not as thin, which means it feels a bit like a classic kangaroo boot. The Academy is calf leather, so even the Pro model has a different feel. Calfskin is not as soft, but tends to be more durable.

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Club TF Football Boots

Replica Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Club TF Football Boots

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Club TF features a textured synthetic leather touch and a grippy rubber outsole for multidirectional traction.


The soft synthetic leather on the forefoot has a moulded diamond texture and is as thin as possible for a natural feel and ball control.
The rubber outsole is designed to provide multi-directional traction for artificial turf surfaces, according to Nike Sports Research Lab’s analysis of player movements.

Replica Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG - Rawdacious Pack

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG is one of the lightest Tiempos ever made, the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG lets you keep going with a low profile design, redesigned for attackers. The upper has a raised texture supported by soft foam pods for precise dribbling, passing and shooting, while rivets on the bottom provide traction for quick chipping and sudden stops. Keep an eye out for the Tiempo Legend 9 in the Rawdacious pack during the 2021 Olympics!

A redesigned plate and refined upper help reduce bulk so you can hit the ball fast on the court.
The premium kangaroo leather upper is backed by soft foam pods so you can shoot with precision.
Cushioned insole with adaptive mesh tongue provides superior comfort.
For wet short pastures

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG - Rawdacious Pack
Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Impulse

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Impulse football boots

Players such as Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique and Virgil van Dijk use this boot.

  • Futuristic and innovative 3D printed kangaroo leather upper with diamond cut design for a perfect fit and premium feel.
  • The upper features Nike All Conditions Control technology to ensure good grip no matter the weather.
  • The inner boot is designed with a close-fitting Quadfit Mesh for optimal stability and secure locking.
  • The insole features NikeGrip technology to keep the foot from slipping, allowing players to reach their full potential.
  • Innovative Flyknit sock for added breathability, stretch and support, as well as sock-like comfort.

Specially developed Hyperstability outsole made of Pebax, designed for high-speed movement and directional changes.

Replica Nike Tiempo Legend Club FG football boots

The Nike Tiempo Legend Club Men’s FG Soccer Boots feature a cushioned sockliner and padded ankle so you can enjoy the game in comfort, while a textured upper lets you control the ball with ease, and molded studs ensure you get what you need from the first Maximum traction from whistle to last whistle.

  • Backplane/Ground Type: Solid Ground
  • Series: Nike Tiempo
  • Level: P4 – Club
  • Upper Material: Synthetic
  • Fastener: Lace
    Collection: Nike Black Pack
    Style: Solid ground football boots
Replica NIKE Tiempo Legend Club FG Football Boots

What Tiempo football boots should be used for what playing field?

For hard, natural grass: Choose Tiempo’s Firm Ground Spikes (FG) with a basic firm ground outsole that penetrates the ground for traction.

For long-blade artificial grass: Choose Tiempo Multi-Ground Spikes (MG). This outsole is designed to work on multiple surfaces, especially turf, to give you the grip you need without the wear and tear you don’t want on the field.

For soft, mushy, wet sites: choose the Anti-Clog model. It is a soft ground nail (metal) with a special coating that prevents mud from building up on the nail. This allows you to never lose traction on muddy surfaces.

For Artificial Turf Fields: Choose Tiempo Artificial Turf Shoes (TF) with rectangular studded rubber outsole for optimal traction.

For indoor courts and tarmac: Choose Tiempo Indoor Shoes (IC) with flat rubber outsole (no spikes). Traction patterns are more similar to tennis shoes.

Who was the Nike Tiempo designed for?

The Nike Tiempo is the perfect cleat for players who want a shoe that’s consistent day in and day out. With Tiempo, you don’t have much flash, so players usually let their game do all the talking. The best part about Tiempo is that it works on every position on the pitch. It’s not a speed boot, nor a control boot, but a pure comfort boot. From strikers like Eden Hazard to defenders and goalkeepers, all players on the pitch wear Tiempo models.